Happy Nihilism

‘Negate to liberate’ is the motto of the happy nihilist!

Most people seeking the meaning of life never stop to consider that perhaps there never was one to begin with.

“The universe is nihilist.” This is the joyful conclusion of The Stand-up Philosophers who in this deep dive into materialism consider the observable universe and the realm of the psyche from all angles revealing to us the path of the Happy Nihilist, a thinker who negates to liberate, challenging the fashionable mainstream dismissal of nihilism as a defeatist philosophy or mode of thinking, offering new perspectives on the subject of meaning as they do so.

Have you ever wondered if nihilism could be something more than just low-spirited pessimism? Does it really have to be depressing? Is it something to be overcome or just a philosophical fact of the way things really are? Can meaning be found in matter, art, personal gain of the finitude of our existence?
In this remarkable book the authors draw from many philosophical schools of thought, such as Stoicism, Existentialism, absurdism, Buddhism, and much, more shining a light on our remarkable place in the cosmos and what it means to be alive, introducing the Cosmic Eye View (CEV), the stunning ramifications of the many worlds hypothesis and the death of ‘death,’ along the way in an easy-to-read format suitable for all materialist thinkers everywhere

This introduction to Mystic philosophy demonstrates our own essential inner nature, that of unity with God and the universe, we’re fragmented parts of one thing, seeking wholeness and unity.

Most mystics address concepts like this without paying any attention to the material world, instead they focus upon the spiritual experience of being a mystic which can make the core concepts of mysticism difficult to understand to a layman or someone just starting their spiritual journey. Meanwhile the material world is the same for everyone so it’s wise to start there when considering our inner divinity , we’re all one thing and that is beautiful, uncaused and eternal…

Nihilism is often portrayed as a depressing type of philosophical melancholia, as a mental health condition rather than as a serious philosophical system of thought thanks to its ability to negate all that most people find to be important or even sacred in their experience of life. At The Stand-Up Philosophers we advocate that every thinker should look nihilism right in the eye accepting its conclusions as an accurate picture of reality. An unpleasant truth is always better than an enjoyable fiction.

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