Have you ever wondered about Mysticism? Do you yearn to know more about our place in God’s creation and what we can do to progress spiritually in a world that is seemingly chaotic and adrift then this book is for you. Comprised of the many individual articles previously published by Comicus Muo under a variety of pen names between 2012 and 2018 as he sought to gain an ever greater understanding of our true, mystical nature.

Like other books in this series of anthologies published by the Stand Up Philosophers such as ‘The Stoic Coffee Book,’ and the ‘Nihilist Anthology,’ each article can be read separately and is not dependent upon any other previous knowledge meaning that you can dip in and out as and when you choose, making this book ideal for coffee breaks or when time is short. In this book the author uses rational ideas to present to you the reader an ever growing case for essential unity with the divine, making it obvious that the essence of the mystic is oneness.

Welcome to the first of an occasional series of philosophical fiction from the Stand Up Philosophers – This compendium of 5 science fiction and fantasy articles is a light read ideal for bedtime or a few moments escape from the mundanity of real life during your lunch break or when commuting on the bus or train. We also have a nihilist jokes section with setups starting like: What did the Nihilist Protestor have on his T-shirt? or What do you call a boomerang that won’t come back?

Philosophy doesn’t have to be hard work, boring or lacking in entertainment; the vast mindscapes that arise from science fiction and fantasy settings make the genre ideal for philosophical examinations, with that in mind, we hope you enjoy!

Nihilism is often portrayed as a depressing type of philosophical melancholia, as a mental health condition rather than as a serious philosophical system of thought thanks to its ability to negate all that most people find to be important or even sacred in their experience of life. At The Stand-Up Philosophers we advocate that every thinker should look nihilism right in the eye accepting its conclusions as an accurate picture of reality. An unpleasant truth is always better than an enjoyable fiction.

Here we present to you all of the nihilist articles that appeared on our website between 2016 and 2019. We also have absurdist and existentialist philosophy included in our articles, being schools of thought very closely associated with nihilism. Among what’s discussed is:

  • Why the second law of thermodynamics and nihilism are connected.
  • An attempt to answer the meaning of life or lack of it!
  • Where is the meaning of life?
  • And relax we’re all going to die…

Every article is clearly dated and separated from the next one and part of an overarching philosophical experience that takes the reader away from the negativity associated with traditional nihilism, replacing it with optimism instead. There might not be any meaning to life, but you can certainly find meaning within your own life, these standalone articles can all be read in under ten minutes making them idea for tea or coffee breaks…

The Stoic Coffee Book Epicurs of Albion, Comicus Muo

Ancient wisdom for the modern world – If you’re looking for a book on stoicism that covers a broad range of issues, in an easily digestible format then you’ve come to the right place!

If you have ever wondered about the importance of being good, fair-minded and balanced of spirit, or how you could easily put an end to anxiety, deal with stress or cope with the unpleasant people in your life, this anthology of informal, easy to read articles from the Stand-up Philosophers is for you!

Each article stands on its own, making a firm stoic point such as how to cope with changing circumstances, the shortness of our lives and our inevitable death as well as a whole range of diverse topics created by authors who have studied extensively at the ‘university of life.’

This book serves as an introduction to stoicism an ancient and powerful mental discipline that is designed to preserve our naturally occurring peace of mind. Indeed, it is so powerful a discipline that the inventors of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) were so impressed that they borrowed heavily from it.

There’s no hocus-pocus here, just stoicism, which is like self-help on steroids and an ideal read for those short on time amid busy modernity. There is no requirement to read the book from start to finish, just browse any article that you fancy in any order, they can all be finished in the time that it takes you to drink your coffee.

The whole world can go to hell in a hand cart, but you won’t be too disturbed you’ll just finish your coffee knowing that you have it within you to deal with any problems as and when they come. That’s why the authors have called this anthology ‘The Stoic Coffee Book,’ but you can drink any other of your favorite tasty beverage of your choice if you prefer!